jay-z / kanye west / otis redding – try a little tenderness

August 12, 2011


jay-z and kanye west, two of the most prolific rappers of the modern hip-hop generation have teamed up to produce the album ‘watch the throne’.

watch the throne is 12 tracks of rapping collaboration between these two giants of  the industry and was released earlier this month in the states – click here to listen to it

‘otis’, what seems to be the first single from the record has just been transcribed to music video and laid out on youtube for all to see…

the video is much like the ultimate hip-hop party (cars, flashing lights, day into night…. and jay-z) and the track is sure to be on loop on all radio stations soon. but what is great about the video is that the car in the shoot will be put up for auction and the proceeds will be sent to aid the east african famine disaster that is currently happening… whether it gets to the people who need it is your guess!

but for now enjoy the brand spanking new music video for ‘otis’

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